The Bible, "Trees of Puerto Rico" Sec. Vol., USDA #449, by Elbert L. Little Jr., Roy O. Woodbury, and Frank H. Wadsworth. I uploaded it here because on the USDA site it is divided in many sections and this is the .pdf of the complete book. Contains descriptions and drawings of 750 trees. Only for personal use, all copyrights with USDA and the authors. [The USDA books can not be sold by law and this is the sole way of distribution since they are out of print in addition. I got one of the last printed copies signed by Frank Wadsworth.]

arbolesprvi2engl.pdf arbolesprvi2engl.pdf
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Another Bible, "Common Trees of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands" by  Elbert L. Little Jr. and Frank H. Wadsworth. It contains descriptions and drawings of 250 more common trees (I am still looking for many that I am still missing). This is the agriculture handbook USDA #249. Only for personal use, all copyrights with USDA and the authors. 

commontreesofpue00litt.pdf commontreesofpue00litt.pdf
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Wallpaper "Dos Picachos" - photo by Kai Griebenow, June 2010, showing the Cloud Forest (aka Elfin Forest) around Pico El Yunque. I like this image because of the bizarre light effect that is quite like it is up there. For personal use only, all rights Kai Griebenow, 2010.

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